Reporty has set out to bridge the gap between people and the resources designed to help them by introducing the most innovative technology the public safety sector has ever seen. Using the power of the crowd, Reporty is revolutionizing the way first response and public safety agencies manage events in the field. Get There – Smarter play movie


Mobile AppThe Reporty mobile app for iOS and Android was developed with your safety in mind. With a single click you can contact a host of emergency or other city services.

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Command & ControlA command and control operations center that runs smoothly is the backbone of any city, agency or enterprise. Our C2I platform extends command and control coverage into the field

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Indoor PositioningReporty’s unique indoor positioning feature is derived from our patented technology that is capable of pinpointing a user’s location to within a 1 meter radius-even indoors.

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Reporty RouterThe Reporty app relies on our ability to find the strongest and most stable communications protocol available. keep quality video rolling even with network failures

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Our Products Advantages

Encourages citizen’s social involvement

Reporting by live video

Reducing false reports

Strengthens authorities

Reduces crime rate

Reliable position

Full big data analytics

Fit for crisis situation

Saves Money & Resorces

Offline mode



Critical information when every second counts: The most volatile element in first response is not knowing what awaits you at the scene. Whether its degree of severity, number of civilians affected, casualties or scene safety, Reporty puts responding units in the know-before they arrive.


The public has never demanded more of their governments, cities and municipalities. These needs can range from the routine to crisis situations requiring immediate intervention. We provide you with the tools that will dramatically improve your ability to identify and react to events in an efficient and effective manner and to communicate with your populace in a new and smart way


Critical infrastructure is the life force behind any city’s financial, security, and social well-being. It powers our homes, cleans our water and keeps the transportation and the communication systems that we depend on running. Keeping critical infrastructure operational and secure, is vital to our way of life.


Real-Time information for those who need to know A global or local large business relies on seamless transmission of information from the field. Entities that operate their own emergency response and want to receive reports only from within their jurisdiction (parks, campuses, corporate complexes) can make use of the millions of Reporty users as they enter their area of operation


Israel Introduces ‘Reporty’, 1st Video Emergency App

Bloomberg 16.03.2016

"Israel on Wednesday became the first country to launch a nationwide platform in which emergency operators can see live video, chat via text messages and determine pinpoint location outdoors and indoors. The system, downloaded as a phone app, was developed by a high-profile start-up called Reporty, whose chairman is former prime minister Ehud Barak. If successful, it could attract police, fire and ambulance services from around the world." (Forward, 16.3.2016)  

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